Embodying Your Sexy Feminine Essence

In today’s world, most women are cut off from their sexy feminine essence. They are feeling unhappy, unattractive, unloved, and unfulfilled – because they’re living their lives unaware of their own power.

Women are not friends any more with their own body: they have been instructed to hate their natural looks, trying to obtain unrealistic ideals that the media keeps pushing down their throats. No wonder that women everywhere are increasingly suffering from anxiety, insomnia, weight gain, lack of sex drive, or infertility.

Neck-breaking pace of modern life has made them lose touch with their true essence, their unabashed sexiness and authentic femininity. Our world is focused outwards, bathing in masculine power, and ignoring the inherently feminine wisdom of nature and the rhythms of the earth. We are at the same time overstimulated, and dependent on stimulants like coffee, chocolate, or texting!

Women are lovers – not fighters! In order to awaken your sexy feminine essence, you will need to slow down, and enjoy life’s abundant pleasures. There is still plenty of mystery in this world – if you want to see it!

To use her inner feminine power, a woman has to reach deep within herself and connect to this natural source. You may have seen a woman who possesses the power of the feminine: even when she does not say a word, she radiates a specific kind of energy that leaves the observer enchanted. She is sexy, but that has little to do with her dress or makeup!

How can you live your sexy feminine essence in your everyday life? A woman needs to take care of her in all ways: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Most of us tend to focus on what is wrong in the world, and in our lives. Try to focus more on the positive, in order to connect with yourself and the others.

Expect to be treated like a lady, and learn to walk away when you feel you are being mistreated in any kind of a relationship. Fall in love with yourself before falling in love with anybody else!

You don’t need to work to attract and keep a partner: you just need to be your authentic sexy, feminine self. Don’t give away your power to others; be in charge of your own life!