Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses – Important Considerations

As a bride, you want your girls looking just a stunning as you want to look on your big day. You should give enough thought to the dresses you choose for the bridesmaids so they look their best and remain comfortable and confident all day long. While it is not advisable to leave all the decisions in the hands of your girl friends, you still want to hear their thoughts and try fitting your idea into theirs so everybody is happy in the end. A few considerations can make it easier for you to make the right dress decision.

The Wedding Theme

Is it rustic chic, classic, or vintage glam? The wedding style can actually ease up things when looking at the dress options. Ensure you match the dresses with the theme. It is a good start to having a bridal party that is bright enough for the day.

Dress Costs and Budget

In most cases, bridesmaids cater for their own gown costs. When choosing style therefore make sure it is not outrageous in cost. Consider the financial capabilities of each maid and choose a dress that will be affordable, but suitable enough for what you desire on your big day. Maids have a lot in their hands to do during a wedding since they will get you gifts and pay for your bachelorette party and chip in for other pre-wedding events so choose something that is affordable enough. With so many options when it comes to the dresses, you will definitely find something that is budget friendly.

Body Type

Will the design flatter different body types in your bridal team? Unless you have chosen bridesmaids with the same body type, give attention to the body types when choosing the dress style. Not every style will flatter everybody and some might not be comfortable with certain features on the dresses. You can give the maids freedom to choose things like skirt lengths and necklines so they get dresses that flatter them and dresses they feel most comfortable in.

Complexions and Skin Color

Skin tones can be very different meaning only certain colors will look good on certain complexions. However, there are colors that can still look good on any given complexion such as red bridesmaid dresses. Every woman has a way of pulling off a bright red, but you can choose any other color you deem suitable enough. Apart from the complexion, consider the hair colors too. In case no color seems to work for everyone, give room to the base shade and let your bridesmaids choose similar hues for the dresses. A mismatched look can be very trendy and beautiful when done with care.

Comfort and Weather

When looking at the dresses, remember to consider weather conditions and whether the wedding will be outdoors or indoors. The essence is to choose dresses that will keep every bridesmaid comfortable in the current temperature and settings. For instance, it can be unreasonable to select long-sleeved dresses with floor lengths if the wedding is in the afternoon on a hot summer day in the outdoors.