3 Factors To Help You Choose The Right Prom Dress Color

Prom dress options can be overwhelming because of the huge varieties, styles and colors they come in. There are so many collections to go through and make a choice from. If you love customizing your dresses, you will also have the chance to have one created in your own unique style. With such a huge variety available, it is given that every girl has the chance to look their best on the most important night.

Besides getting the right dress fit and length, there is always a great need to ensure that you choose the best color. The fact is that this can be an even tedious task to achieve for many considering that even one color can have different shades to choose from. However, it is also a process that does not need to be too tedious even for you. Three simple factors can help you choose a prom dress in a color that is best and makes you pop. Choosing the right color will make sure people see how lovely you are in the dress and not just how lovely the dress is.

1. Skin Tone

It is perhaps the most important factor during the selection. The secret lies in knowing your undertone and what suits it best. Yellow undertones should keep off champagne and pale yellow colors and choose other different colors while those with rosy or pink undertones need to select cooler colors such as purples and blues. In case you a have bright red or peach undertone, then warm colors will work best for you. A simple method of telling your skin undertone is to simply pinch the hand back for a few seconds and then check the color. When you know your exact undertone, you will find it easier to make a selection between the dress colors.

2. Hair Color

There is nothing worse than a dress that gives no justice to your hair color. This is because people will end up seeing one thing and completely ignoring the other. The essence of looking your best on your prom night is to make an impression with your general look and hence everything you select should be in coordination with each other for a completely gorgeous look. Brunettes are lucky in this sector since different shades work best for them. They, however dazzle in blue colors. If you are blonde then warm and bright colors will look as amazing as black will on you. Red heads should choose turquoise and pastels to stand out in their prom dresses. Hair color should be considered even when thinking of dying the hair before the event or getting highlights just to make sure it won’t interfere with the dress color choice you have made.

3. Personal Preference

The truth is, even if you choose a color that is right for your skin tone, but end up not loving your look, you will not pull it off very nicely. Sometimes you look and confident as you feel which is also important to settle for a dress you simply love. When you are confident and happy in your dress, any color will look amazing on you.

Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses – Important Considerations

As a bride, you want your girls looking just a stunning as you want to look on your big day. You should give enough thought to the dresses you choose for the bridesmaids so they look their best and remain comfortable and confident all day long. While it is not advisable to leave all the decisions in the hands of your girl friends, you still want to hear their thoughts and try fitting your idea into theirs so everybody is happy in the end. A few considerations can make it easier for you to make the right dress decision.

The Wedding Theme

Is it rustic chic, classic, or vintage glam? The wedding style can actually ease up things when looking at the dress options. Ensure you match the dresses with the theme. It is a good start to having a bridal party that is bright enough for the day.

Dress Costs and Budget

In most cases, bridesmaids cater for their own gown costs. When choosing style therefore make sure it is not outrageous in cost. Consider the financial capabilities of each maid and choose a dress that will be affordable, but suitable enough for what you desire on your big day. Maids have a lot in their hands to do during a wedding since they will get you gifts and pay for your bachelorette party and chip in for other pre-wedding events so choose something that is affordable enough. With so many options when it comes to the dresses, you will definitely find something that is budget friendly.

Body Type

Will the design flatter different body types in your bridal team? Unless you have chosen bridesmaids with the same body type, give attention to the body types when choosing the dress style. Not every style will flatter everybody and some might not be comfortable with certain features on the dresses. You can give the maids freedom to choose things like skirt lengths and necklines so they get dresses that flatter them and dresses they feel most comfortable in.

Complexions and Skin Color

Skin tones can be very different meaning only certain colors will look good on certain complexions. However, there are colors that can still look good on any given complexion such as red bridesmaid dresses. Every woman has a way of pulling off a bright red, but you can choose any other color you deem suitable enough. Apart from the complexion, consider the hair colors too. In case no color seems to work for everyone, give room to the base shade and let your bridesmaids choose similar hues for the dresses. A mismatched look can be very trendy and beautiful when done with care.

Comfort and Weather

When looking at the dresses, remember to consider weather conditions and whether the wedding will be outdoors or indoors. The essence is to choose dresses that will keep every bridesmaid comfortable in the current temperature and settings. For instance, it can be unreasonable to select long-sleeved dresses with floor lengths if the wedding is in the afternoon on a hot summer day in the outdoors.

Choose the Right Wedding Dress For You

The wedding dress does have an aesthetic appeal. Speaking truly, It is your wedding and you want everything to be perfect. From the hair to your dress and even your shoes should be perfect. So choose wisely whatever you are going to wear that day.

When you are the bride, it is quite natural that people will be looking up to you. If anything is messy or untidy they will start talking. Thus, when you buy your wedding dress focus on every detail and start working accordingly. Here are certain tips that will help you find the right wedding dresses according to your body type.

Hourglass- this is the ideal body frame. Perfect dress would be a ball gown dresses that have small waistlines. The ones having a curvy body can go for the form-fitting gowns. The dropped waist wedding gown is becoming popular again after the beginning of the 1920’s fashion. These are good for those having height and longer torsos. As the hourglass figured women are bustier so they should avoid straight necklines and choose the sweetheart necklines.

Rectangular- For your figure, you need to create the curvy essence. The bust enhancing dresses and elegant sheath dresses are good for your choice. Cinched waist dresses have puffier skirts and can help to create volume on your waist area.
Slim- You are lucky to be slim. You can pick the mermaid dresses or the trumpet ones. This style is also good for the slender people. If the gowns are having higher waistlines, it will give you are taller look than you probably are.

Oval- the healthier and plus sized brides look best in the empire dresses. It might be jazzed with embellishments or just simple. Make sure that you make this kind of dress fitting for you; otherwise, it might give a billowy look to you.

To conclude, it can be said that an A-line dress is not that flattering that you want it to be. The taller brides should keep it simple. They should avoid the decked-out gowns. These dresses help in hiding any flaws still giving the girlhood day appeal in a fashionable way. The sheath gowns are also similar in effect by camouflaging the flaws. Thus, choosing a gown for a slender bride and a curvy bride is quite different. So, be careful about your choice and make sure to try them before you buy one than regretting later.

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Wedding Dress Basics – 5 Things to Know to Before Finding Your Wedding Dress

Chances are your wedding dress will be the most important clothing purchase of your life. Yes, you will only wear it once; but, will you ever wear another dress more anticipated and more talked about? And while this is indeed an important clothing decision, you have probably never gone through the process of purchasing a wedding gown until now. Thankfully, I have rounded up useful advice to get you started on your way to walking down the aisle in the dress of your dreams.

Start Shopping Early

Time is of the essence. Most likely, you did not get engaged after a week of dating, so why would you want to rush such an important shopping decision? Planning a wedding is stressful, and the last thing you want to add to your worries is dress shopping. You need time. Not only do you need time to shop, but keep in mind that you will also need time to wait for your dress to arrive and time for fittings. Try to start looking for your perfect wedding dress right after you are engaged. You should aim to purchase your wedding gown at least 6 months before your wedding date, as this will ensure enough time to wait for your gown to arrive and have it tailored.

Wedding only 5 months away, and you haven’t even tried on your first dress? Don’t panic. While shopping early is preferred, you can always buy a dress off the rack, and many bridal salons can turn a dress around more quickly if necessary. You just may have to be a little more flexible in your dress choice.

Educate Yourself

Wedding dresses come with their own unique glossary of terms (or jargon, as you may want to call it). Before stepping foot into a bridal salon, try to brush up on your vocabulary. There are terms for gown silhouette (the basic shape of the gown), neckline, bodice, sleeves, trains etc. Learn the basics and try to narrow down which options you prefer and which ones best suit your figure. Overwhelmed? This wedding dress styles guide provides detailed descriptions on every type of wedding gown.

Envision Your Perfect Wedding Dress

Many bridal salons do not allow you to simply browse through all their wedding dresses. They first ask you a few questions about your wedding and your overall style and bring dresses that reflect your vision to you. Therefore, it’s best to have an idea of what you want before you shop. After you have educated yourself on the various parts of a dress, think about what wedding dress style suits you. Always dreamed of being a princess? A ball gown silhouette is probably your best bet. Dream of showing off a figure sculpted by hard work at the gym? A sheath dress may be perfect for you. Keep in mind that your dress, while suiting your personal style, should also suit your wedding venue. A formal ball gown is probably not appropriate for a beach wedding in the sand, while a sundress may not work in a cathedral.

Know Where to Shop

The most popular choice is the bridal salon, known for a high level of customer service. Bridal salons exist almost everywhere; you can search our local wedding services section for ones nearest you. Of course, all bridal salons are not the same. Some feature wedding gowns from multiple designers, others feature only gowns from one specific designer custom for their particular store. Price ranges vary as well. While many bridal salons offer gowns starting as low as $300, prices at other stores can start as high as $4000. Call and inquire before choosing a store. Brides on a tighter budget can try an outlet. Bridal outlets offer hundreds of dresses, often from past seasons, at a discounted price.

Determine Your Budget

It’s best to have an idea of what you would like to spend before stepping into a bridal salon. This will save you the hassle of going to salons out of your price range or allowing the sales clerk to bring you dresses you cannot afford. The average cost of a wedding dress is around $800. Shop around online and in magazines to get an idea of how much wedding dresses cost and how much you want to spend. In general, your wedding gown shouldn’t exceed 10 percent of the cost of the wedding reception.

Now that you know the basics, this complete wedding dresses guide can walk you through the rest of the process of finding the right wedding gown for you.

In Search of Your True Essence

I much prefer a one-on-one conversation over a large cocktail party, which might explain why I quit Twitter after two weeks. I am interested in human beings, what makes them tick, their passions, their mental and emotional blockages, their beliefs and whether the foundation of those beliefs is true to their soul. I’m not interested in skimming the surface. I rarely care about what important person they might know or what kind of status society has bestowed upon them. These are from the ego, public facades, which can be intriguing, but we clearly have them in abundance and they have led us astray. They ignore what’s real, shunning the soul’s essence where our true happiness emanates.

For a decade and longer I’ve had the privilege to hear intimate stories, concerns, and desires of people from many backgrounds. Such interesting and amazing experiences we humans have in our lifetimes along with very personal, oftentimes deeply painful suffering and burdens. These stories repeat themselves through the strands of our common human bond, and at the end of the day we all find ourselves in the same boat. But each of us has our own twist, our own unique aspects and elements. Like our fingerprints, no two are alike. Each is precious.

I believe we are here to express our soul’s essence in creative ways, in whatever ways bring us the most joy. It is the lack of this expression, the blocking of it, that causes imbalances in our lives: emotionally, mentally, physically, in our relationships, finances, our worldview. When we are living from our soul essence, life falls into place. It feels right, good, happy. And things might happen that we dislike, but we are able to overcome them and get back on track.

When I am presented with a new situation in my work, which is another way to say when a person calls on me for guidance, and while they tell me their story about their concerns or desires, my intuitive sensors beam out on a soul-searching mission. Why? Oh, why. Good question. Because we have lost our connection with soul. It is evident we are a people who has lost our connection with divinity. This divinity to which I refer need not involve the various gods created by religions. Rather, this divinity is the life force and power source for each person, where ultimate truth resides. So with each person that passes before me, my goal is to uncover the truth within that person. One’s personal, unique truth that awaits recognition.

Over many years of modern-day living, bombarded with a stream of unconscious programming through television, movies, and other sources, we start to develop mental and emotional layers that don’t belong to us. Before long, we can’t figure out why we are not fulfilled, why we are depressed, in pain, waking up all night long. Well, the layers have buried our true essence, the light of our soul, which is fantastic to rediscover. It is the source of joy, freedom, creativity, abundance, well-being, gratitude – the qualities that make life full, and fulfilling. When we run someone else’s program, or society’s program, or Vogue magazine’s program (which are based in fear, coercion, making money, or all of the above) we are trying to guide a ship that isn’t our own through waters we don’t belong in. No wonder Pfizer is so successful!

As a holistic healer, my work involves counseling, lifestyle advice, energy balancing and clearing, encouraging and cheering you on, but also a great deal of soul-searching. True healing means uncovering your essence. This is how healing can occur even for one who is very close to death. I want to see what’s going on behind the scenes. I like to delve into the deep, to see what’s real, to glimpse a bit of the soul. I don’t waste time before getting to this depth. “Don’t go to Dr. Grant if you’re afraid to see the truth,” one colleague tells her clients. I agree! This isn’t a dress rehearsal. We’ve wasted enough time already. I want the truth-seekers.

I encourage people to shift toward greater authenticity, toward recognizing and respecting one’s own nature, media blasts and societal expectations aside. This is the path of our bliss, even in the midst of illness or tragedy. Sometimes, yes, there are those stubborn layers, habits of thought that keep a person powerless or attached to a victim mentality. These can be softened and transformed if one is willing. Once the shift begins, worries subside, a sense of well-being sets in, a new bright world opens up. This is the world we came to dance in.

Evening Dresses Add a Lot of Interest to Appearance

Evening parties are of various types and similarly various kinds of dresses are set for them. Evening dresses are diverse in numbers, styles, colors, lengths and designs. Wearing a dress that suits body type is no doubt essential but real essence of dress comes out only when it is worn according to the type of occasion. Dress complementary with occasion is must to look the best.

The most prominent attribute of evening dress is that it should suit the formality of occasion you are going to attend. Evening party can be formal, semi formal or casual, thus wear dress accordingly.

There are different styles of dresses suiting these occasions. But there is one queen of dresses that befits all occasions and that is none other than timeless and classic ‘Little Black Dress’. Little black dress is the highly preferred choice for evening parties since times and deserves so. It adds ambiance to the evening, thus a must-have for everybody wardrobe.

But there are other styles that should be worn according to the occasion. This article tells about various types of evening dresses and their suitability with the occasion.

For an outdoor evening party best dress style to opt for is light knee length dresses. They impart complete freedom to body to move in any direction and make comfortable. They can be halter neckline, strapless, and one shoulder or off the shoulder neckline dresses. With comfort, they also make you look gorgeous.

If it is a prom evening party or dinner party, then your look should be elegant and refined, thus selection of dress should also be done in accord with it. A sophisticated long evening dress will be perfect to wear. Style wise you can go for any like strapless long dress, backless long dress, corset evening dress, one shoulder long evening dress and so on. These styles absolutely complement the formality of the occasion.

In a cocktail evening party short is the keyword. Cocktail dresses are a separate category that is especially meant for cocktail parties. They are short in length and come in various styles. Though little black dress is the most preferred choice for cocktail parties but today many other short dresses have taken a great turn.

However if evening party is informal like friends get together, birthday party etc then there you are completely free to wear any dress. In informal parties there is no particular need to appear classy and elegant. There are no hard and fast rules. You can choose something that is in trend or fashion. Informal dresses can also be interpreted as casual dresses.

Therefore you will see there are battalions of options for evening parties in accordance with the type of party. Remember evening dresses are all about looking chic and graceful. You can choose amongst them that suits you well with respect to your figure and occasion. For more help you can refer what celebrities wear. This is the best idea to go trendy for an evening party. Looking stylish and fashionable is absolute must for evening party, as it adds a lot of interest to your appearance.

Types of Plus Size Dresses For Women

Most plus size women measuring US 14 size may find it difficult to obtain a dress that may fit their figure well. To the interest of such females, there are attractively fashioned plus size dresses which can help them look significantly alluring. It was never so easy to look enchanting for women with extra pounds; irrespective of the shape and size even plus size females can now don their desired look with help of such dresses. Similar to dresses which are designed for skinny models, even these dresses are elegant and based on the latest fashion trend. So, one can now stop worrying about the look and mull over the pattern that can complement their persona.

Though these large size dresses are especially designed for oversized females, it is wise to take a trial before you buy any dress. During the trial look for the best fit, color and pattern and select a dress that may compliment your look significantly. There are various dresses intended to suit different occasion, so be astir and grab your treat from the extensive spectrum of women’s large size dresses.

Casual large sized Dress:
Casual dresses are outfits which are highly preferred and can be donned on different occasions. There are different types of casual dresses which can be donned during relaxed and comfortable events such as a stroll down the street or a scheduled meeting with a friend. Such casual attire may include plus size jumpsuits, shorts, jeans, tees, tops etc. Since a casual event is not a serious occasion one can try donning anything which looks reasonably good and comfortable.

Big size maternity clothes:
The range of plus size maternity clothes is no narrower than any other collection. These outfits are specifically designed to suit and snugly fit pregnant women, without compromising with the style and look. You can try wearing on plus size dresses, such as knee length gowns, tops, tunics etc. If you are someone who cherish wearing jeans then your worry is reduced as there are plus size maternity jeans available in the spectrum. There are many other styles which are introduced in larger sized maternity collection making it easy for you to wear on your style.

Over size career dresses:

These career dresses are formal attires which are now released in over size to allow corpulent but attractive ladies to look attractively presentable in enchanting formal outfits. No matter what kind of formal event it may be, a plus size formal dress will speak for you and leave positive impression on your employer and other office associates. These career dresses are also available in the combination of formal pattern and casual essence which makes it a perfect feminine fashion. You can look for separates, gowns, skirts and tops in the spectrum to help you look captivating.

Over size gowns for all occasion:

The most highly coveted attire by plus size women are big size evening gowns, plus size cocktail gowns and little black big size dress. These gowns are available in different pattern and are ideal for plus size women to look toothsome. They can carry voluptuously attractive style of fashion along with them when donned in such dresses. Aphrodisiac looking knee length gowns are suitable for big size women with luscious legs which can be flaunted through such short dresses. For women with delectable back and shoulder, a halter neck pattern and sweetheart pattern dress is perfect, respectively.

The options offered for over size women are wide-spreading which makes it easy to choose a suitable dress from the available spectrum. Hence, while buying a dress be selective and choose a big size dress which compliments your body optimally.

Who doesn’t want to feel like a style icon? Gowns and dresses have always prevailed in the fashion arena. They make you feel special and beautiful. In my free time I write fashion blogs and inform you on the recent trends of the industry. You can through my articles if you are in a dilemma, and scout the right dress for yourself for the right occasion. Click to know more about plus size dresses and women formal dress.

Spice Up Your Wardrobe With a Classic Little White Dress

Everyone’s familiar with the little black dress. A staple of every woman’s wardrobe, the little black dress is among the most versatile and timeless garments in the female style arsenal. While the little black dress may hog up a major part of the limelight, its understated counterpart, the little white dress, packs a powerful punch as well. Smart women know that the little white dress has a well deserved spot as a prominent wardrobe staple.

The little white dress is ideal for a wide range of events and can be the perfect choice for everything from weekend casual to bridal chic. Today, more than ever before, the little white dress has expanded beyond its bridal pigeonhole into a whole new realm of limitless style possibilities. And while it’s incredibly versatile, the little white dress, no matter how it’s worn, embodies a kind of universal, free-spirited, joyful essence. It conveys light and happiness wherever it’s worn. Read on to learn how to spice up your wardrobe with a classic little white dress.

Take for example, a little white dress with paillettes. Equally at home strutting down the wedding aisle or making an elegant statement at a special occasion, this dress is a surefire, timeless addition to any woman’s wardrobe. Dress it up with lavish diamonds and pearls, or add pops of color with a bright wrap, sassy hair band or bold broach. Your choice of footwear can also transform this beautiful chameleon of a dress. Breezy, strappy flats add a fun, laid back feel, while bold, dramatic pumps boost its high fashion edge.

A short dress with 3D floral appliqu├ęs is another excellent choice. Effortlessly exuding a flirtatious, feminine appeal, this dress combines elements of traditional mid 20th century modern sass and current day fashion. Its strapless cut is ideal for highlighting delicate collarbones, long necks and elegant jaw lines. Falling just below the knee, this dress tastefully reveals your toned calves. A feature flaunting favorite, this little white dress is sure to please.

Pay homage to a classically elegant silhouette with a strapless lace tea-length dress paired with a darling coordinating jacket. The delicate jacket grazes over the back and shoulders to provide just the right amount of coverage. This modern lace style can be worn with a bright, colorful sash, lending it an air of fun and casual elegance. Choose a bright summery shade for a relaxed occasion and a deep rich hue for more formal affairs. Emphasize or understate the level of drama and elegance by wearing this dress in true white or ivory.

Saunter down the aisle or stroll through the door to the party in a short shantung dress. Inspired by the freshest runway looks of the moment, shantung fabric is comfortable and lightweight, but can handle dramatic pleating and cool, crisp lines. The pleated neckline of this dress is universally flattering and does wonders to underline pronounced collarbones and well toned shoulders. This beautiful strapless number would be an ideal choice for a formal ceremony or celebration.

Planning for an elegant event in the near future? Be sure to consider the soft chiffon dress with halter neckline. Airy ruffled fabric cascades delicately down the back of this figure flattering dress to make a lingering impression. And a dream like chiffon skirt blossoms out from the A-line cut, stopping just shy of the knees.

Perhaps you’re searching for a little white dress that delivers a bit more length. A spaghetti strap chiffon gown with a high-low hemline is a stellar choice. With its graceful A-line silhouette, this dress is simple, dramatic and timelessly flattering.

Maybe you think a long white dress is only suitable for the day you say your vows. But nothing could be further from the truth. Go even further with long length with the chiffon one shoulder goddess gown. This stunning dress hearkens back to the Grecian era of beauty with a natural waist and side draping chiffon skirt. Flaunt your beautiful neckline and contoured upper back with this one shoulder design. This little white dress is perfect for summery casual weddings, and special occasions alike.

As you can see, the little white dress is endlessly versatile, playful and elegant in all its forms. Trends are fleeting. And while it’s perfectly acceptable and always fun to pepper one’s wardrobe with the latest runway offerings, the bones should consist of timeless staples. Investment pieces stand strong amid passing fads. If you’re looking for the perfect staple to round out your wardrobe, it’s time to explore the many cuts, shapes and variations of the little white dress.

Lace Wedding Dresses To Romanticize Your Perfect Event

Romance is the ultimate signifying factor in every wedding. The beauty of the bridal wedding dress can be heightened with the use of simple romantic elements. Designers all over the world have significantly popularized lace as one of the finest elements in fabric detailing which can create a beautiful effect for most dresses. Lace wedding dresses are forever in demand. Yet, a bride might have a hard time finding the perfect lace dress for her wedding, amongst the many styles and designs in the market, if she is not clear about what suits her and what exactly should she looking for.

Why you should choose a lace wedding dress for your wedding

Of the many reasons that you should choose a lace wedding dress, here are a few that really stand out from the crowd.

Timeless classic fashion

The lace style is timeless. It has been used by generations of women right from the Edwardian era to the current century. The detailing is a classic look that goes with most sophisticated bridal designs. You can find many ways in which the contemporary designers have been using the fabric to bring alive designs which otherwise might be too straight-laced or unembellished.

Romantic touch to your wedding

The romance of the Victorian era is alive with the touch of the lace to your wedding dresses 2013. Many designers have been using the fabric to create a nostalgic semblance to various favorite designs. You can actually choose dress designs that closely resemble royal bridal designs from various eras. The romance of the royal weddings can very much be a part of your wedding, if with nothing else, than just a touch of a whimsical design.

Adding an essence of femininity to your bridal look

The dresses of the contemporary fashion world have a very androgynous look and feel to them. Most dresses now have unsymmetrical hemlines, or various modern fashion traits that can take away from the basic charm of your wedding day. Now, you can always keep with the modern design times but it is a special day when you are in a way celebrating your femininity. Keeping this in mind, a lace detailing can be the softer touch that can translate even the staunchest of dress designs to feminine beauty.

Sophisticated vintage appeal

Vintage charm is never lost, especially on people who know the value of the “something old” on their wedding day. Many dress designers can help you with this element. Just look for specialist designers who specifically work with the restoration of old bridal dresses. You can very well incorporate their help to restore the bridal dress that might be in your family since generations. If you have a particular design in mind, which has a vintage appeal but you do no t own the dress, you can commission a close replica of the dress from the designer. Lace has been quite a favored detail of old world- dresses, so the chances are huge that adding this simple detail can make your dress more authentic to the time you want.

Embodying Your Sexy Feminine Essence

In today’s world, most women are cut off from their sexy feminine essence. They are feeling unhappy, unattractive, unloved, and unfulfilled – because they’re living their lives unaware of their own power.

Women are not friends any more with their own body: they have been instructed to hate their natural looks, trying to obtain unrealistic ideals that the media keeps pushing down their throats. No wonder that women everywhere are increasingly suffering from anxiety, insomnia, weight gain, lack of sex drive, or infertility.

Neck-breaking pace of modern life has made them lose touch with their true essence, their unabashed sexiness and authentic femininity. Our world is focused outwards, bathing in masculine power, and ignoring the inherently feminine wisdom of nature and the rhythms of the earth. We are at the same time overstimulated, and dependent on stimulants like coffee, chocolate, or texting!

Women are lovers – not fighters! In order to awaken your sexy feminine essence, you will need to slow down, and enjoy life’s abundant pleasures. There is still plenty of mystery in this world – if you want to see it!

To use her inner feminine power, a woman has to reach deep within herself and connect to this natural source. You may have seen a woman who possesses the power of the feminine: even when she does not say a word, she radiates a specific kind of energy that leaves the observer enchanted. She is sexy, but that has little to do with her dress or makeup!

How can you live your sexy feminine essence in your everyday life? A woman needs to take care of her in all ways: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Most of us tend to focus on what is wrong in the world, and in our lives. Try to focus more on the positive, in order to connect with yourself and the others.

Expect to be treated like a lady, and learn to walk away when you feel you are being mistreated in any kind of a relationship. Fall in love with yourself before falling in love with anybody else!

You don’t need to work to attract and keep a partner: you just need to be your authentic sexy, feminine self. Don’t give away your power to others; be in charge of your own life!